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12 May, 2015

Leadership, Stress and Depression

How is it possible that an organisation could not know about its own leader/s struggling with depression? Or perhaps another struggling with aggression? We only have to look at the news to see examples of this behaviour which has placed the spotlight on topics like; depression, mental health and stress at work. The BBC news yesterday reported that 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from mental health issues. These subjects are ‘socially unacceptable’ in most organisations today and this is concerning.

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8 January, 2015

"Know thyself" - Socrates

"Know thyself" these words, attributed to Socrates were inscribed on the Temple of Delphi over 2000 years ago. The idea that we should learn all that we can about ourselves has stood the test of time. This journey of self-discovery becomes more challenging in today's world where leaders are saturated with fast paced, complex and global change.

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14 November, 2014

The Importance of Leadership Development in an Organisation

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29 October, 2014

How do you manage upwards and sideways?

How should we manage relationships with 'authority figures' whether it be it direct reporting line or a 'dotted' line?

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27 October, 2014

What your boss expects of you

Whilst performance targets are usually clearly discussed and documented what about the undocumented expectations? What should you be doing beyond your formal job description that will make you indispensable to your boss and to your organisation as a whole?

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19 September, 2014

Emotional intelligence can boost leadership performance

Many studies have found that prolonged stress can cause degeneration in the brain area responsible for self control. Whilst moderate stress is an essential emotion that promotes performance peaks, prolonged stress can cause physical and emotional damage.

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12 September, 2014

Vicki Townsley accredited to do psychometric assessments to assist with recruitment and selection

We are pleased to announce that Vicki is now accredited with HOGREFE to perform psychometric assessments utilising their NEO Personality Inventory (PI-R).

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3 September, 2014

Great Business Ethics Quotes

Here are some great inspirational business ethics, leadership and management quotes that I’ve compiled.

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7 August, 2014

10 Simple tips for developing your leadership capability

The leaders in the business world of today simply cannot merely rely on training processes to meet the growing complexity and demand placed on them. Modern business demands free, proactive and insightful leadership that inspires fresh ideas and solutions to business obstacles. To be this type of leader, you need to be flexible, confident and capable of thinking outside of the script.

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