The Importance of Leadership Development in an Organisation

Author: Vicki Townsley Published: 14 November, 2014

Interesting article in Forbes:

The article talks about the fact that most workplaces struggle to find an effective leader. In fact, just 40% of leaders rated their organisation’s leadership as “high” in a global survey of 13,124 leaders and 1,528 human resource professionals. Just 15% of organisations believed that they had an adequate supply of leaders that were ready to step in and fill the most vital leadership roles in their company.

About 37% of leaders rated the leadership development programs offered by their organisation as high.

Many leaders feel that they are unprepared for their environment in part because leaders operate in uncertainty, ambiguity and in volatile and complex situations. Less than two thirds of leaders had the confidence that they would be able to meet the challenges of the future. Many organisations are starting to realise the necessity of preparing their leaders for the realities of the world they are working in. One of the main benefits of investment in leadership is financial success.

Poor leadership can put a business at a significant disadvantage in the future. In fact, organisations that had competent leaders financially outperformed their peers. Just one third of leaders reported that they were effective in leading across cultures and countries. About two thirds of HR worldwide saw themselves as a partner while 22% saw themselves as reactors and 18% saw themselves as ‘anticipators’.

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