Create Positive and Sustainable Change

We know high performance is sustainable through personal, professional and collaborative growth.  Our programmes are designed for individuals, teams and organisations alike, bringing out the best in you and the people in your organisation.

If you're ready to realise your true potential, or that of the people in your organisation, Ethical Quest can help.


Our Services

Personal Development

The Personal Best programme will allow you to discover the beliefs and values that influence your thinking and behaviour. Create a compelling vision for yourself, with life and work goals for the future. 

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Leadership Development

The challenge for todays leaders centre around change and complexity.  Adaptability, creativity and culture are steering the modern way of leading.  Ethical Quest provides consulting services and programmes that will unlock your leadership potential and facilitate positive leadership performance for both your organisation and its people.

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Executive Development

By bringing true creativity to the forefront and affecting the cultural changes that give executives the space for considering the big picture, facades are dropped, core strengths are magnified and executive potential is realised.

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Team Development

The true potential of a team can easily be unlocked, developed and can continue to evolve by catering to the internal and external aspects of change.

We recognise that best results stem from collective action and trust.  Ethical Quest can work with you identify the strengths as well as any corrosive aspects within your team so that potential is realised in a sustainable way.

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Change Management

Ethical Quest employs break-through tools and learning technology that will empower and assist the leaders of your organisation through the uncertainty, complexity and pace of change of modern times.

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What our clients say

"Vicki Townsley is a very talented, committed and inspirational practitioner in the arenas of leadership development, culture change and personal development. Vicki is brilliant to work with – she brings huge drive, creativity, and deep knowledge of process and theory to her work. She is also is a gifted communicator – particularly in her use of story, imagery and music to connect with people both intellectually and emotionally. As Learning and Development Manager at Television New Zealand I engaged Vicki to design and deliver a Leadership + Management Development Programme that would enable participants to make significant shifts in their capability as leaders and managers and to achieve significant business and personal goals. Vicki was fantastic – her instructional design methodology, stakeholder engagement, one-on-one coaching and group facilitation was spot on. I would recommend Vicki to anyone looking to get more from themselves, their team and business in general."

Caroline Spencer, Learning & Development Specialist (Leadership Development), New Zealand Post

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