A staggering 85% of major change efforts fail.  Find out how to achieve cultural, systematic and sustainable change.

Ethical Quest employs break-through tools and learning technology that will empower and assist the leaders of your organisation through the uncertainty, complexity and pace of change of modern times. 


Change Management

An Organisation is the sum of its parts.  True and effective change management addresses both internal and external organisational demands.

The most obvious external elements are typically addressed, and although effective, only produce short term results.  Sustainable change is achieved by examining the more subtle, insidious and emotionally charged quadrants of inner work that impacts on personal and cultural change.  These are often ignored.

The key to our Approach is Understanding What Creates Success

For change to work it must address each of the four quadrants of changed outlined here.

The challenge of leadership is clear: "The significant problems we face cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness that created them" – Albert Einstein.

With over 26 years experience working with executives to plan and implement change efforts, we know that concentrating on external needs alone does not work.  The system invariably gravitates back towards the status quo.  A system cannot organise, in a sustainable way, beyond the level of consciousness that exists within the organisation.

Our approach caters for personal leadership development as well as the organisational transformation, ensuring an internal and external developmental synergy.

  • We provide a cultural survey - a ‘litmus test’ analysis on your current and future leadership culture giving you a foundation to effect change and bridge the gap.
  • We design and deliver team workshops that target your specific organisations weaknesses identified in the survey outcomes, ie. Systems awareness, relatedness, self awareness, authenticity and achievement.
  • We support your leaders and executives to empower broad based action across your organisation.
  • We facilitate cultural transformation away from an outdated ‘Patriarchy’ (or top-down leadership approach) towards a culture of ‘Partnership’ where authority is delegated and self management encouraged.
  • We design and deliver learning solutions that support collective development, such as workshops and work aids.

Why Choose Ethical Quest?

Adapting a true partnership with our clients is key to addressing their inner and outer demands.  We succeed by:

  • Going through the same fundamental shift of mind and heart that we want for our organisation
  • Engaging in ongoing dialogue that brings to the surface that which is hidden in our culture and allows personal transformation to translate into cultural, systematic and sustainable change

We are a community of professionals who believe that conscious evolution is a way of life.  Ethical Quest is an ongoing quest to demonstrate the very principles we stand for.

  • Authenticity – We will tell you the truth - even if this means personal or professional risk.
  • Relatedness - We relate to you in a way that brings out the best in you, your leaders and their teams – even if this means going against the grain.
  • Self Awareness – ‘quest’ is an ongoing commitment to our own personal and professional development so that when we work with you, we demonstrate high levels of self awareness and personal integrity.
  • Systems Awareness – we will facilitate development that supports the interests of the organisation as well as the long term welfare of the community.
  • Achievement – we commit to achieving results that are purposeful and strategic.

Can we beat a 15% success rate?  Together we can. Contact us today and find out more about how we can help drive your organisation forward.

What our clients say

"Vicki Townsley is a very talented, committed and inspirational practitioner in the arenas of leadership development, culture change and personal development. Vicki is brilliant to work with – she brings huge drive, creativity, and deep knowledge of process and theory to her work. She is also is a gifted communicator – particularly in her use of story, imagery and music to connect with people both intellectually and emotionally. As Learning and Development Manager at Television New Zealand I engaged Vicki to design and deliver a Leadership + Management Development Programme that would enable participants to make significant shifts in their capability as leaders and managers and to achieve significant business and personal goals. Vicki was fantastic – her instructional design methodology, stakeholder engagement, one-on-one coaching and group facilitation was spot on. I would recommend Vicki to anyone looking to get more from themselves, their team and business in general."

Caroline Spencer, Learning & Development Specialist (Leadership Development), New Zealand Post

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A case study

In an Investment Banking firm we worked with, we helped the organisation move from a 'can-do' attitude and approval orientation towards confidence in execution. Evident gaps in trust with senior management were identified and steps could be taken to bring the team into alignment.

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