Become the leader that you were meant to be – realising your own, and your organisation’s potential.

By bringing true creativity to the forefront and affecting the cultural changes that give executives the space for considering the big picture, facades are dropped, core strengths are magnified and executive potential is realised.



Executive Development

In today’s business environment, we are called on to make decisions ever more quickly. Executives, in particular, are constantly approached to deal with problems, “sign this”, or “approve that”… Without the space to consider things in a strategic way, it’s easy and often necessary to react rashly. While it gets a decision made quickly, reactive thinking (and acting) can erode your progress and sense of direction, as the bigger picture has likely not been taken into account.

Become More Create and Proactive as a Leader

There’s a trade-off and balance to be considered in all decisions – between both short and longer term, the organisation and the wider good. Effective executive leadership and effective decision-making stem from both competency and emotional intelligence.

Ethical Quest helps executives to look at their behaviours and inner beliefs, setting the stage for the transformations that drive positive organisational change. By coaching executives on best practices, Ethical Quest removes the roadblocks and allows you to pave the road to fulfilling your true potential.

The reality is that organisations don’t grow or realise their potential by being reactive. It takes creativity, which can only come when an organisation achieves an environment of learning that unlocks the potential at lower levels and allows for delegation, responsibility and trust. With Ethical Quest’s leading programmes and one-on-one coaching, you can achieve all this and more.

Ethical quest uses the latest global approaches such as The Leadership Circle tools to develop executives and organisational cultures.


Leadership Circle Profile™ is the only competency based 360° profile that measures two primary leadership domains—Creative leadership competencies and Reactive tendencies. It then integrates the information so that the key opportunities for development immediately rise to the surface. Unlike most assessments that measure only competencies, Leadership Circle Profile reveals to leaders and managers what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what actions they can take to lift their leadership to a higher level

Life styles Inventory profile - Beyond Emotional Intelligence:

The LSI assesses and provides feedback on thinking and behavioral patterns that people can change to develop themselves along multiple dimensions, including their ability to understand and manage their emotions.

As one of Human Synergistics International’s first assessments, the LSI has helped millions of individuals gain self-awareness as well as an understanding of the relationship between personal, management, and leadership styles and effectiveness. Years of research using thousands of data points demonstrates that LSI styles are related to various indicators of individual effectiveness, including quality of interpersonal relations, openness to feedback, stress, salary, and organizational level.

The LSI specifically provides participants with feedback on Self (LSI 1) and Others’ (LSI 2) reports on personal orientations (Constructive, Passive/Defensive, and Aggressive/Defensive) and 12 specific thinking and behavioral styles associated with these orientations. Results are plotted on the Circumplex, which is normed against 14,000 individuals.

Developing you, so you can rightfully develop your organisation

Filling an executive role can feel like climbing into a pair of shoes that are not your own.  By bringing true creativity to the forefront and affecting the cultural changes that give executives the space for considering the big picture, facades are dropped, core strengths are magnified and executive potential is realised.

The result is increased executive confidence and, with that, the ability to project that confidence to provide inspirational and positive leadership. By bringing an objective view and extensive experience and expertise, Ethical Quest will help you to identify your own unique executive strengths, overcome obstacles and develop into the leader you were meant to be.

It can be a challenge to cope with an ever-changing business landscape, but you are not alone up there. Ethical Quest works with many other executives and understands the common problems facing leaders in many of the top organisations, worldwide.

Common executive dilemmas we encounter in our coaching sessions, include:

  • "It is difficult to trust that employees will deliver what they say they will; to quality, deadline and budget.  I feel I need to be there every step of the way to make sure performance targets are met and results achieved."
  • "The pace, change and complexity at work is overwhelming.  I don’t feel prepared to meet the challenge."
  • "I spend most of my time reacting to internal issues and problem solving."
  • "Visionary directive is all but absent in our organisation. We have no time or budget for that."
  • "Deriving satisfaction and meaning at work is impossible with the challenges of day to day life.  I would like to have more valuable and meaningful conversations with colleagues in my work."
  • "I want to make a difference, inspire those I lead and to give something back to the world. I'm a high achiever but I am not happy."

How Ethical Quest helps

In keeping true to our own values, Ethical Quest believes in close strategic partnering with each and every client, understanding their specific challenges and using the latest, global, best-practice approaches, like those advocated by The Leadership Circle, to developing the most effective leaders and executives.

With these tools and a culture survey, Ethical Quest are able to measure key areas of your business, such as behaviour and internal/external beliefs and provide a ‘litmus test’ analysis of your organisation’s current and future leadership culture, all in one diagnostic.

Engaging with Ethical Quest also brings objectivity, injecting new ideas and new ways of thinking into an organisation and encouraging executives to do the same. Leadership effectiveness is directly correlated to organisational performance, as well as happiness at work.

Ethical Quest’s executive coaching and training programmes cover the following key areas:

  • Developing executives to adopt creative and visionary core values that they can, in turn, effectively communicate and project to other employees
  • Achieving results that align with the purpose of your organisation and are both strategic and sustainable
  • Isolation and elimination of barriers to personal performance which may be internal or external/systemic
  • A shift of perspective from reactive thinking and decision-making to adaptable, creative and proactive leadership consciousness
  • Empowering executives to meet new business challenges with enthusiasm, creativity and ease
  • Developing a skill set that will extend beyond your professional life and strengthen your relationships with friends and family

In engaging with Ethical Quest you will not only become the executive leader that you were born to be, but you will achieve the cultural paradigm shift withint\ your organisation that frees you up for the bigger picture, strategic thinking.

The opportunity to become more innovative, creative and inspiring is within reach. It’s about developing self-awareness of habitual ways of thinking and acting, and developing these to align with strategic purpose.

Contact Ethical Quest today for a consultation. There’s never been a better time to maximise your executive potential and start driving your organisation forward.

What our clients say

"Vicki Townsley is a very talented, committed and inspirational practitioner in the arenas of leadership development, culture change and personal development. Vicki is brilliant to work with – she brings huge drive, creativity, and deep knowledge of process and theory to her work. She is also is a gifted communicator – particularly in her use of story, imagery and music to connect with people both intellectually and emotionally. As Learning and Development Manager at Television New Zealand I engaged Vicki to design and deliver a Leadership + Management Development Programme that would enable participants to make significant shifts in their capability as leaders and managers and to achieve significant business and personal goals. Vicki was fantastic – her instructional design methodology, stakeholder engagement, one-on-one coaching and group facilitation was spot on. I would recommend Vicki to anyone looking to get more from themselves, their team and business in general."

Caroline Spencer, Learning & Development Specialist (Leadership Development), New Zealand Post

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A case study

In an Investment Banking firm we worked with, we helped the organisation move from a 'can-do' attitude and approval orientation towards confidence in execution. Evident gaps in trust with senior management were identified and steps could be taken to bring the team into alignment.

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