Develop a team that is driven and aligned, unencumbered by politics, fear or negative emotion.

We recognise that best results stem from collective action and trust.  Ethical Quest can work with you identify the strengths as well as any corrosive aspects within your team so that potential is realised in a sustainable way.



Team Development

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • I wish I could trust my team members to deliver what they say they will: to quality, to deadline, to budget etc
  • Performance of our team is a constant battle ensuring team members are managed and results are achieved
  • There are constant new additions to the team and chunks of valuable time bringing the new members up to speed
  • The team environment is clouded under a stigma of politics and self preservation
  • Strategic thinking, Creativity and learning take a back seat while team leaders and management spend most of their time micro-managing
  • General team morale is low and it is difficult to engage team members in constructive dialogue
  • A select few team members seem to excel while others are left behind


The Solution:  Creative Team Development

We know high performance is sustainable through personal, professional and collaborative growth and our programmes incorporate the following components:

  • A survey of the current team ethos, reputation, capability and collective behaviour styles.
  • Team learning solutions such as coaching/ workshops,that align performance with strategic imperatives
  • Design and delivery of tools/programmes that promote shared learning, creativity and leadership capability.

To effect change within a team that is both positive and sustainable, our programmes examine all four quadrants of change. 

The true potential of a team can easily be unlocked, developed and can continue to evolve by catering to the internal and external aspects of change.

This holistic approach, incorporating elements of leadership development and change management, is essential to building a high performance culture.



Powerful Development Tools

Ethical Quest employ break-through tools such as the Leadership Culture Survey™, which delivers a powerful “MRI” of your leadership culture. Our survey can be used for your entire organization or for a specific leadership team. Leadership Culture Survey reveals valuable data that tells you how your people view their current leadership culture and compares that reality to the optimal culture they desire. By finding the gap between their current culture and their desired culture, it instantly reveals key opportunities for leadership development. Leadership Culture Survey measures how your leadership culture compares to that of other organizations.

Ethical Quest develop leading edge programmes that deliver across all the key areas:


  • Developing a team that operates on trust and integrity, where every team member is encouraged to perform to their true potential independent of team politics and micro-management
  • Building a sense of trust and camaraderie within the team
  • Opening up channels of communication and knowledge sharing


  • Isolating and eliminating barriers to successful teamwork and problem solving
  • Aligning team members to common goals and encouraging open, constructive dialogue
  • Instilling a common team and leadership culture that is consistent with the organization and promotes a common, positive and uniform identity
  • Sustainable development and change that propagates through to all new team members and future leaders


  • Developing confident, independent, creative and positive leadership
  • Promoting an environment that frees leaders to lead and develop those under them by eliminating dependence on management
  • Identification and development of team member strengths by team leaders
  • Fortifying sustainable culture and identity that carries over from team leaders to team members


  • Promoting happiness at work
  • Aligning behavior and performance to a common team culture and towards positive, ongoing and sustainable change
  • Developing a team that is consistent with organization values and culture

An Objective and Informed Perspective

We bring a fresh approach to people development.

Our approach is based on honesty, openness and willingness to embrace new ways of working as well as to let go of what's getting in the way of happiness and performance.

This approach appeals to our clients because people are happy and bottom line outcomes are achieved.

Our brand 'Ethical Quest' means we build relationships based on trust and integrity - the same ingredients that we bring to your team development strategy. This also means a strategic partnership.

A team that is competent, self directed and happy is a team that produces exceptional results. It's also a team you will retain.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you develop your team or to book a consultation.

What our clients say

"Vicki Townsley is a very talented, committed and inspirational practitioner in the arenas of leadership development, culture change and personal development. Vicki is brilliant to work with – she brings huge drive, creativity, and deep knowledge of process and theory to her work. She is also is a gifted communicator – particularly in her use of story, imagery and music to connect with people both intellectually and emotionally. As Learning and Development Manager at Television New Zealand I engaged Vicki to design and deliver a Leadership + Management Development Programme that would enable participants to make significant shifts in their capability as leaders and managers and to achieve significant business and personal goals. Vicki was fantastic – her instructional design methodology, stakeholder engagement, one-on-one coaching and group facilitation was spot on. I would recommend Vicki to anyone looking to get more from themselves, their team and business in general."

Caroline Spencer, Learning & Development Specialist (Leadership Development), New Zealand Post

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A case study

In an Investment Banking firm we worked with, we helped the organisation move from a 'can-do' attitude and approval orientation towards confidence in execution. Evident gaps in trust with senior management were identified and steps could be taken to bring the team into alignment.

See the full Case Study


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